The west is helpless in the wake of Syria chemical attacks

We won't put boots on the ground, we won't go too far in trying to get rid of Assad, we won't give the rebels the weapons they need to win. About all the west has done - and all we're likely to do - in response to the gas attack on civilians outside of Damascus by what was probably government troops is bitch and whine and make empty threats. BBC: The UK, France and Turkey are leading calls for a tough international response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria on Wednesday in which activists said hundreds were killed. The UK is calling for UN weapons inspectors already in Syria to be granted access as a matter of urgency. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that if proven, the attacks would merit a "reaction of force". However, there is no sign that the UN team will be allowed to investigate. The team only has a mandate to visit three sites agreed between the UN and the Syrian government. "The UK along with 36 other countries has written to the secretary ...(Read Full Post)