The Democrat Party Puts Citizens at the Back of the Bus

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the Obama administration  has just recently signed an agreement with Mexico's government vowing to prevent workplace discrimination against illegal immigrants while educating them about their civil rights and minimum wage laws. The EEOC is the federal agency that enforces the nation's workplace discrimination laws.

Prevent workplace discrimination against illegal immigrants?

Use tax-payer money to educate them about their civil rights?

Yes. That's right. The agreement is designed to protect Mexican nationals "regardless of immigration status."

The Democratic party has really become the IFP party: the Immigrants First Party.  Not only do their policies put Bible clingers and gun clingers and greedy bankers at the back of the bus, their policies put Black citizens at the back of the bus. The Democrat immigration policies are guaranteed to keep wages of labor intensive jobs from  keeping up with inflation. It is simple supply-demand economics. If the supply of labor for a given classification of jobs exceeds the demand then wages for those jobs will not rise. In fact, meat-packing jobs were once high wage  jobs.

Immigration depresses wages by increasing the supply of workers relative to demand. Harvard Kennedy School economist George T. Borjas, working alone or with Lawrence Katz and Richard Freeman, has produced a succession of studies over the last two decades showing that immigration hurts the wages of native-born workers. One study, published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics in November 2003, found that between 1980 and 2000 immigrants increased the labor supply of working men by 11 percent and reduced the average wage of native workers by 3.2 percent. Wages fell by 8.9 percent for workers who had not finished high school, 2.9 percent for high school graduates, and 4.9 percent for college graduates.

Then there is the "American citizens won't take dirty jobs myth"

Conversely, there are "dirty jobs" that native-born Americans have been happy to take because they pay livable wages. Many native-born Americans work as garbage collectors, who are often unionized and earn an average annual salary of $43,000. Oil-rig workers make a decent living, and so do coal miners. If businesses have their way, these jobs might also become anathema to Americans, but it won't be because Americans are loath to get their hands dirty. It will because the jobs pay too little to support an average family.

But as indicated by the EEOC agreement and guileful provisions in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, the two-faced IFP party persists in devious ways to promote the influx of immigrants both legal and illegal and then turns around and waxes indignant about the minimum wage being too low and demands  higher minimum wages. And guess who will get those jobs under EEOC directives?

Time to brand the Democrat Party for what it is. The party that puts illegals and immigrants first and citizens second.



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