The 'clown controversy' is further evidence that the left is freaking out

By any political "humor standard," the clown incident was rather lame.  It wouldn't make any Top 10 list.

I remember David Frye doing Nixon, Chevy Chase mocking Ford, the SNL bits on Reagan, Bush, Bush & Romney.  What about Palin? 

Political humor is a good thing.  The clown with the Obama mask doesn't come close to any of that humor.  

So why is the left so whiny?  What's the big deal about "a clown being clownish" by wearing the president's mask?  

The answer is this:

1) The left loves to attack but gets whiny when you give them a taste of their own medicine.  Michelle Malkin has a post today full of vicious pictures about President GW Bush.  She also reminded us of books and movies made about the assassination of the president.  Frankly, I don't remember anyone calling out these people who attacked President Bush.  It was all treated as 'part of the territory" or the way it is when you are president of the US.

Remember the comedians with Cheney's shooting accident in Texas?

What about the "booing" and name calling of President Bush on his inauguration or when he walked down to turn over the presidency to Barrack Obama?

The "Obama mask" is  nothing compared to that.

2) The left is getting it that President Obama is failing and failing big.  

The economy is not good, specially for young people, blacks and Hispanics.   ObamaCare is off to a bad start and full implementation is in real doubt.  "No insurance and a pay cut" is what NBC is calling it now!

The president cannot govern.  We are reminded that the only thing that has brought Democrats and Republicans together recently is voting against gun control and ObamaCare's selective waivers.  And Senate Democrats just voted to kill "the medical device tax" in ObamaCare

3) The left knows that 2014 will be very tough.  They also know that a lot of Democrats will be running away from the administration.  The RCP "job approval" numbers are in the 40s, and Reuters is 40%Gallup reports that "economic approval" is 35%.  You are not going to get a lot of campaign invitations with numbers like that.

4) The Obama foreign policy is a mess, and that's being charitable.  The speeches of 2009 did not make us more respected or popular.  They projected weakness and you see it with Putin, Egypt and elsewhere.

So that's why the left is beating up on some poor clown in Missouri.  The left is freaking out over a clown and that speaks volumes about their fears that "hope and change" is falling apart.

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