Terror alert based on conference call with 20 AQ leaders

"This was like a meeting of the Legion of Doom," said one intel officer who talked to Josh Rogin and Eli Lake at The Daily Beast. Judging by the names and organizations that were on this terrorist conference call, that description isn't far off: Several news outlets reported Monday on an intercepted communication last week between Zawahiri and Nasser al-Wuhayshi, the leader of al Qaeda's affiliate based in Yemen. But The Daily Beast has learned that the discussion between the two al Qaeda leaders happened in a conference call that included the leaders or representatives of the top leadership of al Qaeda and its affiliates calling in from different locations, according to three U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence. All told, said one U.S. intelligence official, more than 20 al Qaeda operatives were on the call. To be sure, the CIA had been tracking the threat posed by Wuhayshi for months. An earlier communication between Zawahiri and Wuhayshi delivered through a...(Read Full Post)