Sushi, Lobster and the herd mentality

The nation's food stamp program is out of control. The public knows about it, Congress heard about it, and the President brags about it. 

I'm in China right now for another 3 months.  My access to cable TV is non-existent, so I miss all the main-stream hype I get back home. 

Anyway, my mother is telling me on Skype that Fox News ran a story about a California surfer guy, Jason Greenslate, buying sushi and lobster with his EBT card.  Yeah, I'm not surprised, but my 80-year mother, who really has to watch her pennies, is shocked! 

I'm telling my mother that such things are common place these days.  Honestly, she is so naive, that I feel sorry for her sometimes. 

This brings me to an observation.  The tax-payers all detest such waste and frivolity, the takers all laugh, but the progressives, who allow it to happen, all brag about it to their friends, "Look at what we have given to America!" 

This isn't a theory, it's common knowledge.  The progressives that support socialism know that their power and control come from redistributing shekels to the unwashed.  The unwashed keep the progressives in power as long as the welfare programs are free and available. 

Just for fun, I have an analogy.  Socialism can be seen in animals, specifically breeding stock. Cows come to mind.  We can call it the herd mentality. The herd mentality demonstrates that people are like cows, they graze the ranch for whatever comes their way.  Often they have to roam and forage for food, that would be capitalism.  Then, there are those cows that wait by the water trough for the rancher to throw hay on the ground - that would be socialism. 

Both systems seem to work in the world of cows, but if you have ever lived on a ranch, like I have, you will notice something about cows. The ones that roam are much leaner and healthier.  They even live longer and breed better (true, not BS).  The ones that wait around by the trough seem lethargic and unmotivated. 

This is the inspiring, or sad part, depending on your point of view.  The rancher that sits on his front porch and admires the view of his empire is an opportunist.  He looks at the number cows in the pasture and counts his wealth knowing that next year will bring a bigger herd mostly because of the cows that roam and breed.  The progressive who sits in his ivory tower and counts his cows is nervous.  He knows that most of his cows are lazy and don't seem to want to breed unless he continues to feed them hay. 

There is only one moral to the story.  If you want to be a cow that buys sushi and lobster on your EBT card, make damn sure the rancher doesn't decide one day to send you to the slaughter house.