SCOTUS okays release of 10,000 California prisoners by year end

The Supreme Court ordered the state of California to release 10,000 criminals from prison before the end of the year. The ruling comes after a lower court blocked the release. Needless to say, law enforcement is nervous about the release. Associated Press: Despite warnings from California officials, the nation's highest court is refusing to delay the early release of nearly 10,000 California inmates by year's end to ease overcrowding at 33 adult prisons. In its decision Friday, the Supreme Court dismissed an emergency request by the Gov. Jerry Brown to halt a lower court's directive for the early release. Law enforcement officials expressed concern about the ruling. The justices ignored efforts already under way to reduce prison populations and "chose instead to allow for the release of more felons into already overburdened communities," said Covina Police Chief Kim Raney, president of the California Police Chiefs Association. Brown's office referred a request for comment...(Read Full Post)