Reforms? Cubans facing a new wave of repression

The Castro government has been playing this game for years:  

1) They announce reforms and get all of the Western media excited; and then,  

2) They unleash repression on the Cuban people. It looks like we are watching another one of those episodes again, according to The Capitol Hill Cubans via my friends at Babalu:  

"Cuban independent journalists (from the Hablemos Press news agency) have documented over 100 political arrests conducted by the Castro regime during the first five days of August.

That's nearly half the tally (in just five days) of the 255 political arrests documented throughout the entire month of July.

There's one irrefutable change that is currently taking place in Cuba: an increase in repression."  

There is also evidence that the Castro government is going after the dissidents by making it difficult for them to work

"The vetting process involves quizzing candidates' neighbours about their political views, and enquiries among local officials from Committees for Defence of the Revolution - a nationwide neighbourhood surveillance network - the Communist Party, the armed forces and the interior ministry."  

So that's the latest from the land of "reformas."  It is clear to me that these "reformas" are like the last "reformas" or no "reformas" at all!

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