President Obama can not answer questions that the media does not ask

The much anticipated "we will ask him about the phony scandals" news conference came and went.  Unfortunately, we still don't know what the White House means by a "phony scandal".  Hopefully, they will ask him about the "phony scandals" when he goes on Leno or MTV. Another press conference and a total waste of time.  And frankly more evidence that The White House Press Corps is stealing money from their editors.  The members of the media looked like a bunch of people who couldn't wait to go home early on a Friday afternoon.   I was hoping to hear something about Pakistan and Egypt and the embassy closings.  No way.  I was anticipating a question about the "IRS".  No way.  No time for that one.  Or, what about:  Where were you on the night of September 11th?   What we heard was that it took more than 11 months to get Bin Laden Or, where exactly in...(Read Full Post)