President Obama can not answer questions that the media does not ask

The much anticipated "we will ask him about the phony scandals" news conference came and went.  Unfortunately, we still don't know what the White House means by a "phony scandal".  Hopefully, they will ask him about the "phony scandals" when he goes on Leno or MTV.

Another press conference and a total waste of time.  And frankly more evidence that The White House Press Corps is stealing money from their editors.  The members of the media looked like a bunch of people who couldn't wait to go home early on a Friday afternoon.  

I was hoping to hear something about Pakistan and Egypt and the embassy closings.  No way. 

I was anticipating a question about the "IRS".  No way.  No time for that one. 

Or, what about:  Where were you on the night of September 11th?   What we heard was that it took more than 11 months to get Bin Laden

Or, where exactly in the US Constitution do you have the authority to arbitrarily change a law passed by Congress?   Someone should have pulled a copy of the US Constitution and said "where"?

Or, why did you go on Leno, an entertainment show, rather than speak from the Oval Office?

Or, are you concerned about Iraq?  Do you feel that it was a mistake to pack up and leave zero presence?  Do you think that Al Qaeda is using Iraq?

We had bad questions followed by incredibly long and self serving answers that said little.  We desperately need a 40-second NBA-type clock in the next Obama press conference.  With all due respect, President Obama's answers are painful to watch, listen and understand.

We should force terrorists to watch these news conferences.  They will break after the second answer!  They'll beg for waterboarding!

Last, but not least, the ObamaCare answer wins the prize for nonsense. Again, it was Sen Baucus who called it a "train wreck" and its Democrats running for reelection who don't want to defend it.  I guess that these Democrats are having a hard time selling the Affordable Health Care Act to people who can't afford it.

Yes, President Obama spoke too long and said nothing.  However, let's blame the media for asking nothing either. 

Where is Sam Donaldson when we really need him?  I really miss Sam.   I miss journalists.