Our democracy is in bad shape when we have to depend on Jay Leno to ask questions

Jay Leno is a great late night comedian. He is good at what he does and I wish him well where ever he goes. Frankly, I'd rather watch the Rangers play at Anaheim but that's just me! Again, this is not about Jay Leno.  This is about our republic, our president and a media so in the tank that they should resign and join the Obama administration. We have serious issues in the country, from the Middle East to these ObamaCare waivers for members of Congress.    Our list of problems is long but you wouldn't tell by President Obama's schedule or priorities. Incredibly, President Obama is not talking about any of these problems.  He has been allowed by the media to float along and avoid any serious answers to serious questions.  All of his appearances are staged speeches before selected "yes we can screamers" or "si se puede robots" if he is pandering to Hispanos about immigration.   His presidency is now about appealing...(Read Full Post)