October 16: Rare Opportunity to Win One for We the People

Though I was apprehensive upon hearing Obama tell Joe the Plumber during the 2008 election that he wanted to spread the wealth around, I understand America's extremely emotional response to electing its first black president.  White America naively thought, Finally: we can never be called a racist nation again. My 100-year-old black grandmother wept.  Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined a colored man sitting in the president's chair in the Oval Office.

But little did America realize that the beautiful, articulate, shiny golden black man that they opened the gates of our country was really a socialist/progressive far-left radical liberal Trojan horse.

Once he'd gotten inside, a hidden door opened in Obama's ankle, and out poured his army of anti-America minions, programmed to use every branch and division of the federal government to implement Obama's extreme agenda and destroy all opposition.

I know.  Such strong accusations sound like over-the-top partisan rhetoric.  Sadly and shockingly, they are dead-on-target easily confirmed truths.

Our president acts as if federal funds are his own personal piggy bank to fund his voter-seducing giveaways.  Federal agencies are Obama's personal hit squad to punish opponents of his unconstitutional lawlessness.

With great sadness and frustration we have witnessed the Obama administration, without serious pushback, use the IRS, DOJ, USDA, and NSA to stifle, deter, and, as Obama instructed, "punish" his "enemies."

Despicably, the Obama administration has joined the Race Industry (Al Shapton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, and the CBC) in using race exploitation as a political weapon.  DOJ head Attorney General Eric Holder sued Texas as part of a national initiative to stop voter ID law, claiming that it is racist.

Holder's claim is absurd.  A photo ID is required to board an airplane, cash a check, and conduct numerous other transactions.  Am I the only black person on the planet who finds Holder's claim an insult to my intelligence?

Voter fraud runs rampant in Democrat-controlled precincts.  In the last election, Obama won over 99% of the vote in over 100 Ohio precincts.  In some precincts, Obama received more votes than there were residents.  Obama supporters were prosecuted for voting several times.

If Holder and the Democrats can successfully ban states from requiring a photo ID to vote, it is game over.  Democrats will magically win every election via massive uncontrollable voter fraud.

Displaying remarkable imperial arrogance, Obama exempts his friends and Congress from ObamaCare while forcing his behemoth "train-wreck" business and job-killing law down our throats

The establishment GOP is offering little to no resistance to Obama's tyranny and vowed "fundamental transformation" of America.

Many Tea Party patriots/conservatives are saying we cannot fight back until the 2014 midterms.  But they are seriously mistaken.  We have a golden opportunity to push back, sending a powerful message to Obama that we are mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore.

Obama clone and liberal Democrat Cory Booker is running against rock-solid conservative Republican Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate in New Jersey.  Lonegan is running his campaign Sarah Palin-style, boldly challenging and exposing the lies and failed policies of Booker and Obama while touting the virtues of conservatism.  He's fearlessly articulating that conservatism is the most direct route to achieving your American dream, regardless of race, color, or creed.

Lonegan's refreshing Palin-style courage of his convictions has made the New Jersey Senate race nationally relevant.  It's a referendum on Obama -- Liberalism vs. Conservatism.  Conservative Steve Lonegan pulling off an upset victory over liberal Cory Booker, who is highly funded and endorsed by Obama, the Race Industry, and Democrats, would be huge -- giving Republicans a fighting chance to take the senate in the 2014 midterms.  And that would be Obama's worst nightmare.

October 16, We the People (the Tea Party and other conservatives) can tell Obama, "No longer will you be allowed to treat us as your supplicants.  We are Americans!"