Obama seeking political cover by asking for a Congressional vote on Syria intervention

Contradicting his own position of a couple of days ago that a timely response to Syria's alleged chemical weapons use was important, President Obama today backed off and postponed any action until Congress reconvenes on September 9th, and has time to debate and vote on approving military action. At the same time, he maintains that he has the authority to act on his own (as he did in Libya). Syria is already crowing about a victory, and it must be admitted that Obama has lost face throughout the Middle East and the world. As has the United States States of America, so long as he occupies the Oval Office. The influence, especially the deterrence the United States is able to exercise has been diminished. Obama's ill-considered red line has already cost the United States dearly.  If Assad, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea draw the obvious conclusion that Obama is a paper tiger, then further consequences  could be far more unpleasant for not just the United States but the...(Read Full Post)