Obama donor gets a heckuva deal

Yossi Gestetner spotted something in the news that ought to be raising a stink but, strangely enough, isn't. He asks:

Do you remember the Obama Donor Phil Falcone whose Lighsquared went under after getting $267M in green loans?  Do you remember the US General who said he was pressured to lie to Congress in favor of a massive Lightsquared project?

Right. I remember that. Eli Lake wrote about it in The Daily Beast, no right wing outfit:

The four-star Air Force general who oversees Air Force Space Command walked into a highly secured room on Capitol Hill a week ago to give a classified briefing to lawmakers and staff, and dropped a surprise. Pressed by members, Gen. William Shelton said the White House tried to pressure him to change his testimony to make it more favorable to a company tied to a large Democratic donor.

The episode -confirmed by The Daily Beast in interviews with administration officials and the chairman of a congressional oversight committee -is the latest in a string of incidents that have given Republicans sudden fodder for questions about whether the Obama administration is politically interfering in routine government matters that affect donors or fundraisers. 

There may not be an evidentiary trail that would stand up in court or impeachment hearings, but the commander-in-chief is on the record about rewarding friend and punishing enemies, and we have the IRS abuse now at the door of his political appointee in that agency.  The question now is where, not whether the Obama administration has been corrupting the federal apparatus to benefit its friends and punish its enemies.

So let's return to that Democrat big donor Falcone:

Well, Falcone is now banned from trading securities for five years and will pay a fine of $18 million. Why? Because, reports CNN, SEC accused Falcone of several instances of misconduct while operating Harbinger Capital. Among them: improperly using $113 million of his client's funds to pay his personal taxes, favoring the redemption requests of certain clients over others and manipulating bond prices."

Yossi asks:

Do you think you would be able to get away with all this or would you be in prison for the rest of your life after being paraded around as a greedy rich cheat?