Lindsey Graham may be catching a break as pols line up to challenge him

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is going to be challenged in the Republican primary. But he may be catching a break because his opposition will be badly divided, and unless they can agree on one candidate to support, Graham is likely to slip through to victory. New York Times: A small group called Carolina Conservatives United, one of dozens organized loosely under the flag of limited government, low taxes and strict adherence to the Constitution, sent out images last week of a milk carton bearing Mr. Graham's face and asked Gov. Nikki R. Haley to issue the state's version of an Amber Alert to find its missing senator. "Lindsey Graham has not been seen in the state of South Carolina for most of the last two years," said Bruce Carroll, the chairman of the group. Conservatives in South Carolina are eager to oust Mr. Graham, who has enraged the far right for, among other things, reaching across the aisle on immigration and supporting President Obama's nominations for...(Read Full Post)