Leave ObamaCare Alone!

Imagine running for Congress with the United State mired in a horrible depression... and millions of people snarly and dry due to Prohibition. It's 1932 and your opponent voted for Prohibition. Are you more likely to support repeal or give the other guy a break and join him in teatotalling?

Maybe the GOP is the stupid party because some conservative leaders want to help Democrats by delaying Obamacare. The Hill reports that Grover Norquist supports a move to delay implementation for one year.

In a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Norquist and 18 other conservatives urged support for a one-year delay as part of any spending package.

"It is wrong to force people to participate in a system that is simply not ready," the activists wrote. The letter presents the GOP with an alternative to the government shutdown threat backed by powerful conservative and Tea Party interests. Lawmakers on that side said they will oppose any government funding bill that includes money for ObamaCare, a strategy likely to prompt a stalemate that could cause the government to shutter
So here we have Democrats saddled with the most unpopular law since Prohibition and conservatives might just be dumb enough to help them out. 

Our unelected talk radio warriors and some elected leaders would have the party follow a Don Quixotic-like strategy trying to kill it before implementation.

That's dumb, shortsighted thinking. There's a growing number of Democrat's who'd like nothing better than to delay this thing. Republicans would be smart to let it happen this fall, even if it means voting in favor of funding. Then watch the train wreck. And campaign as the cavalry coming to the rescue. Honestly, credit must be given to folks like Boehner and McConnell who herded the GOP cats adroitly enough to make ObamaCare exclusively a Democrat program. Let's not lose our advantage. Let's shove it down their throats.

That would give the GOP a legitimate chance at owning both the House and Senate. That would go a long way in slowing the Obama agenda -- think Supreme Court nominees. And let's not forget that the law actually has a couple of things that conservatives might like. First, it makes joining a union a lot less attractive, thus reducing their membership and political clout over time. Second, it snaps the connection between employment and health insurance. And that's a good thing. After we win the most popular thing will be taking it apart.

As any parent knows, toddlers have to fall to learn to walk. Conservatives need to let ObamaCare happen. American's will hate it. Nothing could produce a revival of conservatism more than being force-fed liberalism. What an object lesson!