How many Democrats is Maureen Dowd speaking for?

The Clintons probably canceled their subscription to The New York Times this week.

First, there was a long and negative article about the Foundation.

Second, there is an article today about Hillary & Huma:

"Ms. Abedin has not disclosed how much she was paid by Teneo, the Clinton Foundation or Mrs. Clinton during this period.  She resigned from State on Feb. 1."

Third, Maureen Dowd decided to remind the world on Sunday that the Clintons are all about "money":

"If Americans are worried about money in politics, there is no larger concern than the Clintons, who are cosseted in a world where rich people endlessly scratch the backs of rich people. 

They have a Wile E. Coyote problem; something is always blowing up. Just when the Clintons are supposed to be floating above it all, on a dignified cloud of do-gooding leading into 2016, pop-pop-pop, little explosions go off everywhere, reminding us of the troubling connections and values they drag around."

My guess is that Maureen is speaking for a lot of Democrats who don't want another episode of the Clintons.   Let's not forget that 4 million liberals, including Michael Moore, voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 because they thought that  Clinton had thrown them overboard in order to survive politically.

You can bet that a few Democrats are asking some simple questions:

Who is going to control Bill Clinton when he is back in the White House?  Is he really going to share the presidency with his wife?  I just don't see Bill Clinton turning into Mr Thatcher and staying off the stage.

What will be Hillary Clinton's message in 2016?  Let's continue our successful job creation programs and foreign policy?   

All of this talk about "President Hillary Clinton" overlooks that she will be the Democrat running after 8 years of President Obama.  How far can she run from President Obama's record?  Not much!  

What is she going to say?  I flew all of those miles as a flight attendant on the State Department plane!

Let's not forget that it's really hard to win 3 in a row!   Just ask Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Al Gore and John McCain.  The odds are against a party winning 3 in a row no matter how often I hear about the inevitable Hillary!

Maureen Dowd was the first to go after the Clintons. She won't be the last.

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