High-level national security meeting at White House while Obama plays golf

I'm sure al-Qaeda is suitably impressed with the seriousness with which our president takes the threat of a terrorist attack in the next few days. Associated Press: President Barack Obama kicked off his birthday weekend Saturday with a round of golf with friends and a getaway to Camp David. Obama, who turns 52 on Sunday, left the White House just after 8 a.m. EDT -- that's unusually early for the half-hour motorcade ride to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland -- to squeeze in some golf before the celebration shifted to the presidential retreat nestled in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains. Before leaving, officials said Obama's counterterrorism adviser updated him on a potential al-Qaida threat that led the State Department on Friday to issue a global travel warning to Americans and order the weekend closure of 21 embassies and consulates across the Muslim world. The White House said the president's three golfing foursomes included some of his friends from Hawaii, where he grew...(Read Full Post)