A very weak Obama: Bracketed by Harper to the north & Pena-Nieto to the south

Who would have ever believed this?  We have a very unusual situation where the president of the US is the weak party in the North American political landscape. We mentioned President Pena-Nieto of Mexico a few days ago.  He is not perfect but is pushing "market-oriented" reforms in the energy and public education sectors. President Pena-Nieto is coming to terms with the reality that Mexico can not prosper unless it blows up the PEMEX monopoly and makes the public schools better. Prime Minister Harper has made Canada a very attractive place to invest and do business.  He has also been an outspoken defender of freedom and a supporter of the US in Afghanistan.   Where is President Obama in this trio?  He is the one giving speeches rather governing.  He won't take political risks like President Pena-Nieto.  He won't promote business, an oil pipeline and reduce taxes like PM Harper. I'm sure that PM...(Read Full Post)