The new version of 'Me and you and a dog named BO'

With all due respect to pop singer Lobo ("Me and you and a dog named Bo"), it sure seems like a lot of us are hearing that song a bit differently these days.

Before I get nasty phone calls from "yes we can" screamers, let me say that it's really nice that the Obamas have a dog. I'm happy that BO is enjoying The White House grounds and continuing the tradition of other First Family pets.

My beef is not with poor BO. He probably wishes that he could fly with the family like most pets do.

My problem is a "tone deaf" administration who does not understand that moving BO around at taxpayers' expense is a bit too much when we are blaming the "sequester" for government services.

Here is my question: Why not let BO travel with the First Family?  Put him on someone's lap and let him fly with the family. Isn't that what most families do anyway?  

Unfortunately, you get pictures of BO being carried around by presidential staff at our expense.

Sorry but we do not need to see these pictures at a time like this. There are too many people unemployed, unemployed or more who quit looking to see a dog getting this kind of treatment.

Tone deaf or arrogant?  I say both.

Update: Oleg Atbashian of The People's Cube offers this visual comment and more here: