Zimmerman? What about other problems in the Black community?

Attorney General Holder is back with more talk about Zimmerman.  They are now looking into a civil rights lawsuit although The Washington Post is saying that it will be very difficult
Wonder if anyone at the DOJ heard that a jury of citizens found Zimmerman "not guilty"?  Six people sat there for days and heard every little angle and nuance of this trial and came to the conclusion that it was not about race.
What does it to take to persuade people that it was not really about racism? I understand that a young man is dead and a mother is grieving. Nevertheless, a jury concluded that it was not about race.
Again, when can we finally move on?
 The reality is that President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and the Congressional Black Caucus would rather talk Zimmerman than unemployment, lousy public schools that most Democrats politicians do not send their kids to, and "black on black" crime tearing up cities every night.
How many Trayvon Martins have been killed in Chicago since President Obama became president?  I don't know, but probably quite a few!
The tragedy is that most black Americans live in districts with a black congressman, black councilman, and a black state representative.   

What do all of thee districts have in common beyond black leadership?  They have 3 things in common:
* High unemployment rates (double digits) and very little hope of change;
* Lousy public schools that Senator Obama did not send his daughters to; and,
* High crime rates, especially if you are black.
This is why it's Zimmerman 24/7 for the American left.  What else are they going to talk to black Americans about?


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