WH Chief of Staff McDonough acting as fireman as Hill Dems sweat Obamacare rollout

Does this remind anyone else of the scene in "Animal House" where Kevin Bacon tries to stop a stampede of terrified parade-goers by saying "All is well...all is well"? Politico: White House officials knew that selling Obamacare to the public would be difficult, but it wasn't until Sen. Max Baucus called the rollout a "huge train wreck coming down" that they realized they were losing a key constituency: congressional Democrats. So White House chief of staff Denis McDonough quietly added the job of Capitol Hill confidence builder to his portfolio. Armed with a PowerPoint presentation and a direct line to President Barack Obama, McDonough has spent the past three months soothing Democratic anxieties over the most divisive health care expansion in decades. He meets every other week with Baucus, briefs vulnerable Democrats on the administration's progress and treks up to the Hill on a moment's notice to visit offices unannounced. McDonough's message: We've got this. His...(Read Full Post)