WaPo: Palestinia​n Killers of Israeli Children are NOT Terrorists

The Washington Post stoutly refuses to describe blood-soaked Palestinian murderers of Israeli children as terrorists. Instead, it substitutes a totally inaccurate euphemism, calling such depraved killers "militants." Why inaccurate? Because "militant" is a non-judgmental, neutral noun. It carries no pejorative connotations. Whereas use of "terrorist" makes it crystal-clear that the writer and/or publication deems such depraved acts as beyond the pale. Which of course they are if they involve deliberate murders of innocent civilians in pursuit of a political agenda -- the basic definition of terrorism. And yet, that's exactly where the Post keeps turning a blind eye to Palestinian terrorism regardless of the fact that it fits the definition of terrorism to a T. As witness, this top-of-the-front-page article by Jerusalem correspondent William Booth in the July 29 edition ("Mideast peace talks set to begin -- Israel to release 104 Palestinians -- Netanyahu concession paves way for...(Read Full Post)