'Victory' for Boehner as House passes farm bill without food stamps

Speaker John Boehner proved to the world that he still has enough support among Republicans in the House to pass a bill. The fact that the Senate won't touch the Farm Bill passed by the House and President Obama has threatened to veto it because the GOP scrubbed the food stamp provision in the legislation, also means that Boehner is still clueless about almost everything else. USA Today: House lawmakers approved a scaled-back version of the farm bill Thursday after stripping out the popular food-stamp program used by 48 million Americans. The bill narrowly passed on a 216-208 vote, largely along party lines. A dozen Republicans voted against the measure while no Democrats voted in favor. The measure focuses solely on farm programs and would delay, at least for now, efforts to overhaul the country's food-stamp program that traditionally has made up 80% of spending in the bill. "This process hasn't been easy and we still have a long way to go to get a farm bill signed into...(Read Full Post)