Texas Pro-Aborts Turn Nasty

The pro-abortion activists are at it again in Texas, massing at the state capitol, demanding the right to abortion beyond 20 weeks in the womb, and shouting over any reason and logic -- not to mention mercy and care -- for women and babies.

In the first round of the battle to protect the unborn, the pro-abortion supporters won, thanks to a more than 10-hour filibuster led by Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis and an unruly crowd of yelling demonstrators who refused to allow the democratic process to unfold. The Texas House had passed a bill towards the end of June that restricted abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. This commonsense abortion clinic regulation is recommended because, at that point, unborn babies can feel excruciating pain.

Democrats in the Texas Senate could not let that bill pass, nor will irrational pro-abortion activists allow any sensible discussion of any limitations or regulations whatsoever. There are more health and safety regulations for the local nail clinics than for abortion clinics.

Sen. Davis (D) took to the Senate floor trying to block the bill. Never mind that the Texas bill protects against late-term abortions like those performed by Kermit Gosnell. Keep in mind that Gosnell was recently convicted for murdering a 41-year-old woman and three viable babies born alive at his clinic. Like Gosnell, who was convicted of "snipping" the spinal cords of babies born alive in his clinic, a late-term abortionist in Houston, Douglas Karpen, has been accused of cutting the spinal cords of babies born alive and even of "twisting the head off the neck." In spite of the fact that these late-term abortions sicken even strong abortion supporters, Sen. Davis was hailed as a hero by those who want abortion-on-demand all nine months, for any reason. This is a person who led the filibustering and rallied the mob (who outnumbered the peace-keeping officers of the chamber) that disrupted the legislative process to such an extent that it was impossible for members to vote until after the midnight deadline passed.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) would not allow mob rule to stand, nor would he enable unruly "pro-choicers" who are determined to force acceptance of their pro-abortion views to overpower the action of duly elected legislators. Gov. Perry called a second special session, which began last week.  A vote is expected soon, with the legislature prepared to handle those who would reject democratic action.  Concerned Women for America of Texas is at work to ensure that orderly due process will prevail. It is expected that the bill will pass when elected legislators are able to vote freely.

Even after their so-called "victory," the vitriol, hatred, and mind-boggling words of the abortion supporters were not stifled.  They are still out in full force in Austin, and here is a sampling of their tolerance:

  • Some of the "lovely Southern ladies" who are part of the mob unwilling to gracefully accept the vote of the legislators sent messages via Facebook and e-mail to state Sen. Donna Campbell (R) and her daughter that read, "I hope you're raped," and "I hope your daughter's raped." (I wonder how many of these people supported the Violence Against Women's Act?)
  • While pro-life supporters gathered in the Texas State Capitol building and sang "Amazing Grace," the pro-abortion supporters chanted "Hail, Satan!" I guess they should get credit for admitting who is directing their actions.
  • Pro-abortion supporters brought their children to the protest and had them hold up signs with wire coat hangers on them. By the way, these children looked to be about four or five years old, but they probably understood the meaning of the signs, right?
  • Not to be outdone by the exploitation of children used in a protest supporting the death of children, another woman had toddlers and elementary school age children carrying signs that said, "Every child a wanted child" and "If I wanted the government in my womb I would f*** a senator!" None seemed to notice the irony that those exploited children were, of course, only the wanted children.
  • Two young women authored these ditties: "hoes before embryos" and "republicans cannot defetus!" Where did those young women learn such attitudes and tactics? Planned Parenthood's comprehensive sex education? "Civility" classes at the local community outreach center?

Do these "tolerant" abortion supporters represent the majority of Americans? According to a May Gallup poll, 58 percent of Americans want either all or almost all abortions illegal, and 48 percent of Americans call themselves "pro-life" as compared to 45 percent who identify as "pro-choice."

Imagine how many more would support banning abortions if the media had covered the Gosnell trial. Abortion procedures have been so deliberately sanitized for the public that most Americans have no idea what any abortion procedure entails, much less the gruesome and heinous methods employed to enable abortion at that stage of development.

Speaking of the media, several major news outlets (USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune) are refusing to accept an ad from Heroic Media because it is "too controversial." I fail to understand why it's controversial for a woman to know the details of a procedure she is about to undergo. Nor do I understand why it is controversial for a woman to understand the risks that she faces when she undergoes any medical procedure. Likewise, I cannot understand why a woman should not know the exact details of her pregnancy before she undergoes any procedure that would affect the baby that she is carrying. The bottom line is that being pro-choice includes being willing to dismember babies who are at the 20th week of gestation to enable an abortion to be possible. Sadly and horrifically, that's what "choice" really means.

That is what those abortion supporters who disrupted the Texas legislature were protecting. Those women who were wishing that pro-lifers would be raped and those who displayed obnoxious signs were, astoundingly, defending their "right" to kill pre-born babies at this stage of development.  Ironically, mob responses are always counterproductive and many who see the pro-abortion forces' irrational unwillingness to impose any limitations or regulations to ensure women's protection or any human consideration of the unborn child turn from "pro-choice" to pro-life.

It should be apparent by the actions of those who support abortion-on-demand that they can see the signs that they are losing the war against this horrible stain on America's conscience. The pro-abortion activists may have won a short-lived battle in the Texas legislature, but they are going to lose the rematch and have been losing the hearts and minds of Americans for years now.

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