So is abortion a 'women's health issue' or isn't it?

Texas abortion rights activists want it all ways from Sunday. They want abortion to be seen as a women's health issue - but are screaming about the "restriction" that clinics have up to date surgical facilities. Abortion is, by any definition, an invasive procedure. Doctors can't take out tonsills in their offices so why place the health of women at risk by allowing abortions there? And what about protecting women from the Kermit Gosnell's of the world? Requiring a physician to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles seems like a common sense rule. ABC News: Texas already has stringent abortion laws. Two years ago, the Legislature passed a rule requiring women to get a vaginal ultrasound and a full explanation from the treating physician 24 hours before an abortion. Opponents of that rule say it adds travel costs to the expense of the procedure, and in some cases means women also have to stay overnight. For Melissa Bradshaw, all of it seems absurd. She spent...(Read Full Post)