Sending Out the Dupes

Just a week before Obama takes off on another multi-million dollar Martha's Vineyard vacation, he sends out a message to his Organizing for America troops entitled "Plans for August?"  

It's all part of a new ACTION August website launched this past Monday.

While Obama golfs, plays basketball, swims and attends an invitation-only gathering of radical Chavez-Castro loving pals like Charles Ogletree and Harry Belafonte, he wants volunteers out there attending town halls, "blizzarding" neighborhoods with flyers, and hosting house meetings. The kickoff for the designated days of action will be August 4, Obama's birthday. But there's too much on the agenda for one man to tackle. 

From Obama's latest OFA message:

There is only so much I can do on my own...I'm counting on you to be just as vocal -- to make sure the agenda that Americans voted for last year is front and center.

I know it's easy to get frustrated by the pace of progress...But it's not a reason to sit back and do nothing -- our system only works if you play your part. .So I'm asking you to speak up -- commit to do at least one thing in your community during August.

This is sociopathic. Right before Obama hops on Air Force One headed for Chilmark House, he sends an email to his dupes telling them not to "sit back and do nothing" for the rest of the summer.

And before that he cautioned an OFA audience that their efforts to push amnesty, Obamacare, climate change legislation and gun control as part of the August Action wouldn't be as glamorous as his election year campaigns.

Naturally it's not going to be as full of razzamatazz as the campaign... First of all, we don't have a billion dollars to spend. Second, there's something very clear about a campaign, an election date, hoping and targeting.

Campaign "razzmatazz?" Is this like sending out the minions under the guise of "letting your representatives know where you stand" but handing out absentee ballots as you go?

From Discover the Networks:

In September 2012, undercover reporters from Project Veritas went into OFA headquarters in a number of different U.S. cities and openly expressed their intent to commit voter fraud (by casting multiple absentee ballots in multiple states) on behalf of President Obama's reelection bid, and they were encouraged to do so by OFA representatives. Further, the undercover reporters asked the OFA representatives for numerous additional absentee ballots for friends who they said wished to engage in the same tactic. The OFAers happily supplied them with as many extra ballots as they requested. In one videotaped interaction, an OFA worker openly boasted that she herself was voting twice for Obama -- once in Minnesota and once in Florida. 

The OFA is nothing but another ACORN criminal setup, but Obama will count on his volunteers with no plans for August to do his dirty work while he bikes around in mommy jeans.

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