Senator Davis should listen to women rather than Planned Parenthood

You know that Texas Senator Wendy Davis is in trouble because she is getting it from both sides:

1) Kristen Powers: I Don't Stand With Wendy Davis

2) Kathleen Parker: Wendy Davis shouldn't be sainted for her filibuster

Bad news for Wendy!

Senator Davis' problem is that her little act was based on a lie. 

No one is denying a woman her right to an abortion.  Any woman can go "online" or the Yellow pages and find a clinic in Texas.  (I drive by one often and it was open yesterday and doing business)

The proposed law has to do with these two issues that majorities in Texas support:

1) No Abortion at 20 weeks; and,

2) Clean up abortion clinics.  The idea is similar to what was passed in Pennsylvania.  We were told that the new requirements would close all abortion clinics in Pennsylvania.  In fact, they didn't as Kristen Powers reports in the aforementioned article!  The clinics are still open and doing business like before. 

Senator Davis had her day. The pro-life women of Texas will have their day too when the restrictions become law.

The big loser is Planned Parenthood.  They used "Madison Wisconsin tactics" but discovered that Texans, including a lot of Democrats, did not fall for their little act.

What about Senator Davis' future?  She trails Governor Perry 53-39% in the latest 2014 poll!