SCOTUS denies petition to halt same sex marriage in California

It was a long shot going in, but some of the sponsors of California's Proposition 8 filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court to block gay marriages in California until the judgment became official - approximately July 22.The circuit court had, the petitioners say, jumped the gun and allowed gay marriages to proceed despite the fact that the Supreme Court decision that remanded the case back to the lower court wouldn't take effect for 25 days after the day it was released. But Justice Kennedy, who hears such petitions covered by that circuit court, denied it. SCOTUS Blog: Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy turned down at midday Sunday a request to stop same-sex marriages from occurring in California. Without comment, and without seeking views from the other side, Kennedy rejected a challenge to action by the Ninth Circuit Court on Friday implementing a federal judge's ruling allowing such marriages. The plea had been made on Saturday by the sponsors of...(Read Full Post)