Raul Castro delivers the Cuban version of the 'malaise speech'

Cuban President Raul Castro blasted the people of the island saying that we've "taken a step back in citizens' culture and public spirit..":

"Raul Castro spent the lion's share of a prominent speech Sunday scolding his countrymen for all kinds of bad behavior, everything from corruption and theft to public urination and the odoriferous practice of raising pigs in cities.

Speaking before legislators at one of parliament's twice-annual sessions, the Cuban president railed against decaying morals, a deteriorating sense of civic responsibility and vanishing values like honor, decency and decorum.

Castro aired a laundry list of complaints about illegal activities that he said do the country harm: unauthorized home construction, illicit logging and slaughter of livestock and the acceptance of bribes, to name a few.

He also fulminated against baser examples of "social indiscipline": shouting and swearing in the streets, public drinking and drunk driving, dumping trash on the roadside and even people who relieve themselves in parks.

At times, the 82-year-old's speech sounded like a generational broadside against disrespectful youth who do as they please, a diatribe that could have crossed the lips of many a grandfather."

Honor, decency and decorum?  What are you smoking Raul?

From the two brothers who destroyed a nation and have put thousands in prisons? 

From two men who oversaw the state takeover of private property?

There is a very simple reason for Cuba's moral decay:  The island has been run by two corrupt brothers who've become wealthy doing business with foreign hotels and even take a cut of remittances sent to Cuba.

Cuba under Castro is an island where people have to do whatever it takes to survive, especially stealing from government inventories so that they can eat.  By the way, we saw the same thing in the old Soviet bloc.

Cuba under Castro has been a lawless land where the connected get privileges and the rest of the country lives day to day.

It's a little too late for Raul to call for decorum after a 50 year ruthless dictatorship.