Pope Francis' visit to Brazil is turning out to be rather consequential

Pope Francis is in Brazil this week.  His visit is related to the "World Youth Day", an opportunity to preach the faith to thousands of young people in the largest Catholic country in the world. You will see images of Pope Francis greeted by many well-wishers and happy faces.  However, there is a lot of anger in Brazil and the Pope won't avoid it: 1) The population is fed up with prices and the high cost of living.  I could not believe this information from this week's NY Times: "Shoppers here with a notion of what items cost abroad need to brace themselves when buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone: the same model that costs $615 in the United States is nearly double that in Brazil. An even bigger shock awaits parents needing a crib: the cheapest one at Tok & Stok costs over $440, more than six times the price of a similarly made item at Ikea in the United States. For Brazilians seething with resentment over wasteful spending by the...(Read Full Post)