Obama and Snowden

Do you think President Obama is sleeping well this holiday weekend after his barbeque with family and friends?  Not if he or his confidants ordered the troops to stand down in Benghazi, orchestrated Fast and Furious, or directed the I.R.S. to target conservatives.

Edward Joseph Snowden has said that through the national database Prism, any skilled operator, such as himself, could have access to all emails and telephone conversations.  If Obama overstepped the bounds of propriety, it would not be surprising if Snowden has files that could incriminate the President or be could be used for leverage in future negotiations.

President Obama declared that he "would not permit any diplomatic wheeling and dealing" over Snowden, which is Obama's way of indicating that he is seriously concerned.  His emissary Vice-President Biden has relentlessly striven to close all Snowden's avenues of escape.

Thoughts of exposure at Snowden's convenience could disturb the President's rest.

Peter Landesman (mathmaze@yahoo.com) is the author of the book Spacemazes, with which children can have fun while learning mathematics, as well as of numerous political articles.


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