'No me importa'

("No me importa" - rooughly translated, "I don't mind")

By any historical measurement, "Fast & Furious" is the single greatest violation of Mexican sovereignty in years.   However, no one in the Mexican political class seems to care much about it.  I recall watching a TV presidential debate last year and the subject did not even come up. I am not familiar with any Mexican congress resolution condemning the US government.

This week, we learned that another Mexican official was killed by one of these guns:

"Another weapon lost in the Obama administration's failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation has purportedly been traced to two more killings, including the fatal shooting of a police chief in Mexico.

The officer, Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, was killed Jan. 29 in the city of Hostotipaquillo, which is in central-western Mexico, when gunmen intercepted his patrol car and opened fire, according to Justice Department records obtained by The Los Angeles Times. The chief's bodyguard was also killed, a second bodyguard and the chief's wife were wounded."

You would expect outrage and marches in front of the US embassy. Where is President Pena-Nieto saying that Mexico's borders must be respected by the Obama administration?

Back in the 1980's, I worked in Mexico for a US company.  My office was across from the US Embassy,  I had a balcony view of every demonstration on Reforma Boulevard and the US Embassy.  My favorite moment was watching a young man screaming in front of the embassy wearing a Roger Staubach # 12 jersey.

I saw massive anti-Reagan demonstrations over far less consequential topics. There were marches about "nuclear freeze", Grenada, the Cuban embargo, the "contras" and lots of other issues.  (We remind you that no Mexican was killed because of President Reagan putting missiles in Europe or having a tough approach toward Nicaragua.)

We hear nothing today about Fast & Furious south of the border.  Let me say this: we hear nothing from the political class because a lot of Mexicans are very upset at a personal level.  After all, they are the ones caught up in the frequent firefights.

I am not familiar of a single demonstration calling on President Obama to explain how these weapons crossed the border.  The Mexican left loves to say that guns go south but has chosen to say nothing about a program that specifically put sent 2,000 high powered weapons in the hands of deadly cartels.

Again, "no me importa" is the attitude in Mexico about Fast & Furious, a bad program that has killed hundreds of Mexicans

Why so much Mexican official indifference? 

My first guess is that the Mexican government has decided to focus all of its energy in making sure that immigration reform happens in this Congress.  They do not want to embarrass the Obama administration and put border security on the front pages.

My second guess is that "Fast & Furious" is also a reminder of how little control Mexico has over its northern border.  In other words, it's the cartels who control large segments of the border.

Either way, it is shameful that the Mexican government has not made a bigger deal of a US program that killed the aforementioned police chief and lots of others!

My Mexican friends deserve better than "no me importa" from their government!