Mother of Benghazi victim asks how her son's death could be considered 'phony'?

The latest White House storytelling has it that all the scandals plauging the Obama administration are "phony." The president said so. So did his press secretary Jay Carney.

But Patricia Smith, mother of slain Benghazi victim Sean Smith, begs to differ.

Daily Caller:

The mother of a Benghazi victim is furious about the new White House strategy of calling the terrorist attack and many other scandals plaguing the Obama administration "fake" or "phony."

Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was slain in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack, lashed out on "Your World" on the Fox News Channel about that terminology.

President Obama has never revealed what, if anything, he was doing while workers at the Benghazi embassy were urgently requesting support, nor has the administration explained why no forces were sent to protect the embassy. The administration also denied the attack was a terrorist incident, claiming it was a spontaneous protest against an obscure YouTube trailer for a film that may or may not exist.

"I don't believe him anymore," Smith said. "He's wrong. My son is dead. How could that be phony?"

According to Smith, she has been given no answers about what happened that night. She said the administration told her she "didn't need to know."

"When I was there at the ceremony of the welcoming of the caskets, both Obama and Hillary and Biden and all of the other ones, all promised me they would get back to me to tell me what happened," Smith said. "I begged them. Please, I must know what happened with my son. How come this happened? They all promised me they would get back to me. You know, not one of them, not one of them ever got back to me in any way shape or form -- not by a letter, not by anything other than I got a memo stating that I didn't need to know because I was not part of the immediate family."

Smith made one last plea to the Obama administration explaining her desire for answers.

"How can I tell you?" Smith added. "I mean, it is wrong. It is not phony. It is not fake. My son is dead, and why is he dead? All I am waiting for even to this day is just someone to get back to me and tell me what happened. Why did Hillary do as she did? Why was there no security there when there was supposed to be? Who was the general that called back the troops when they were going to help?"

There has been some major league stonewalling going on from the White House, the Pentagon, and State Department. Refusing to make witnesses available, refusing to turn over documents, and generally being as uncooperative as possible with Congress, the principals continue to insist that the incident is closed and no further explanation is needed. If true, why prevent Congress from speaking to the survivors? Why not turn over internal emails that might shed some light on the decision making process?

Mrs. Smith has some good questions of her own that need to be addressed.

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