Most Hispanics in Texas say 'no se puede' to abortion after 20 weeks!

The first phase of the "abortion restrictions" vote in Texas was very interesting:

"Lawmakers voted 98-49 for the bill on second reading and a third reading vote is forthcoming, likely tomorrow, but the same margin is expected. The vote today for conditional approval is four more votes for the measure than the last time the House approved the bill before Wendy Davis' infamous filibuster.

Five pro-life Democrats voted for HB2 including Guillen, Herrero, Martinez, Munoz, and Pickett while one Republican voted against it: Sarah Davis."

The Hispanic Democrats who voted for these restrictions are more representative of their communities than the sole GOP representative who voted against it.

Last week, Politico had a story about abortion and Hispanics in Texas: "There's just one problem: Latinos as a group oppose abortion more strongly than most other voting groups."

Frankly, I did not need a poll or story to confirm this.  All you have to do is look at the number of Catholic, Christian and Jewish Hispanics who practice their faith each week.

Here is another one:  Did you ever hear President Obama give a spirited defense of abortion in Texas?

This abortion episode has put a very ugly face on the Democrat party of Texas. Add to this the obscene placards & unruly behavior of pro-abortion demonstrators and the net result is a Democrat Party very disconnected with the family values that prevail in our Hispanic community.