In support of a limited DREAM Act

The US Senate immigration bill is a bit too comprehensive for me.  In other words, too long, too bureaucratic and full of potential unintended consequences. So I hope that the House will start fresh and look at several bills rather than one "comprehensive" solution.

For the record, I do not support "a path to citizenship."  However, I would like to see some pathway to legalization for those who are here and wish to stay here. My "path" includes a fine, back taxes, probation and a commitment to assimilate into the US. 

It would simply provide these individuals with some type of "work visa" that allows them to work in the US.
It is not a "green card" or put you on any list to anything. It simply allows you to work legally in the US.  The visa can be renewed every so many years.  The visa holder would be subject to deportation if he or she engaged in any kind of illegal activity. 

So what do we do with the young people or "the dreamers"?

The Dream Act, or whatever the House GOP wants rename it, involves youngsters.  It gives the GOP House the opportunity to demonstrate that they have a heart.  It would also create a lot of goodwill with younger Hispanics who've lived here for much of their lives.

I'm diappointed that conservatives in the GOP don't jump on a plan that would grant legalization to thousands of kids who were brought here by their parents.

You can limit the plan to those young people who've completed high school, attending college or willing to serve in the US military. 
Politically speaking, it would show that the GOP can act on immigration.
The House should pass a tough border security measure, with very harsh employer sanctions, and add a pathway for the aforementioned young people. It makes sense for the country and it's good politics.  it would take away the Democrats' talking point that the GOP is not concerned with these young people.
The House could then take the time to discuss and analyze the legal and economic consequences of the 10 million or so who are here.


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