How many Democrats voted for ObamaCare hoping that the Supreme Court would kill it?

Has there ever been a more complicated federal program to implement than Obama Care? I can't think of one. Worse than that, it appears that the Obama administration knew that it'd be difficult to implement. They've also known for months that the program wouldn't be ready as promised. This is from The National Journal: "Last week, it scaled back several required provisions. They aren't the first. And probably won't be the last." Just curious.  What would happen to a private company that was so deceitful and incompetent in their introduction of a new service or product? Can you imagine a car company selling a car without a radiator?  And knowing all along that customers were buying a car without a radiator? What would happen to such a company? The company leadership would be sent to jail!  They would also be dragged in front of Congress and hear self righteous statements from Democrats about protecting the little guy from companies who promise and don't...(Read Full Post)