Flash! Obamacare to cover sharknado injuries

Are you worried about injuries suffered after a climate change caused sharknado?  Not to worry any longer.  No less an authority than Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius reassuringly tweeted

Kathleen Sebelius @Sebelius

@buzzfeed, in 2014, #Sharknado injuries will be covered as a pre-existing condition under #Obamacare bit.ly/18dO6JC

12:12 PM Jul 12th

"OMG! What is sharknado?" some might ask. Slightly more realistic than the cooing government statements Obamacare won't cost much and if you like your doctor and your health care plan you can keep it, Sharknado is a deliberately awful scary spoof on Syfy.

There, there.  You feel better already.