Finally - EU puts Hezb'allah militia on terror list

The military wing of Hezb'allah has been declared a terrorist organization by the European Union. The US declared the entire organization a terrorist outfit in 2005. The EU has been balking for years in declaring Hezb'allah a terrorst group because it's political wing takes part in the Lebanese election process and carries out social service activities in the desperately poor Shia areas of southern Lebanon. But recent evidence of terrorist activities as well as the militia's role in the Syrian civil war has convinced the EU to change its tune. CNN: The Bulgarians cited evidence that Hezbollah's military wing was involved in a terror attack last year killing five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver. In Cyprus earlier this year, a court found a Hezbollah member guilty of assisting in the planning of an attack on Israel. Lately, its fighters have sided with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in that country's civil war. The European Union agreed to target just the...(Read Full Post)