'Dios Mio': Latin Americans really, really offended that the US is spying on them

This is so hilarious.  From Mexico to Argentina, they just can't believe that President Obama would spy on them!
This is like the high school girl who couldn't believe that her Johnny would look at the pretty cheerleader on the field!

I can hear the screams and feel the tears up and down the leftist precincts on the Pan American Highway.  "Que paso Obama"? You weren't supposed to be like this!  You were going to make the US popular all over!  Weren't you one of us?  Didn't your Kenyan father oppose colonialism? 

Of course, these are some of the same leaders who win corrupt elections in Venezuela, expropriate property in Bolivia, bow to criminals like the Castro brothers and have their own little history of spying!

Nevertheless, we hear from news reports that they are really offended:

"Latin American governments urged the United States on Wednesday to be more forthcoming in answering allegations of U.S. spying programs there that have set off a wave of outrage that could damage its standing in the region."  (Reuters)

My message to Latin leaders is to cut the crap and stop acting like a bunch of hypocrites!
Latin America has a lot of problems but the US spying is not very high on the list.