Dem legislators to face first recall in history of Colorado

Two Democratic lawmakers in Colorado - including the president of the senate - will face the first recall in the history of the state later in the fall. Politico: Under pressure of a campaign by the NRA, Senate State President John Morse and Pueblo Sen. Angela Giron will face the first recall effort in Colorado history. Morse and Giron asked a Denver District Court judge to block the recall because of the wording, but were ruled against on Thursday. Following the decision, Hickenlooper signed the executive order calling for a Sept. 10 recall election. NRA organizers submitted petitions to begin the recall process last month, gathering 12,648 signatures in Giron's district and 10,137 in Morse's, according to a CNN report. Both senators voted in favor of universal background checks and limiting ammunition magazines. Morse, a former Colorado police sergeant, has stayed quiet on the decision, but Giron took to Twitter and Facebook following the district judge's ruling, saying...(Read Full Post)