Colonel Bud Day is why we objected to linking Ho and George Washington

A couple of days ago, we were talking about President Obama linking Ho Chi Minh and George Washington.   Many of us objected. One reason we objected is because of men like Colonel Bud Day.  He died over the weekend and left behind a legacy of patriotism and bravery:   "Colonel Day's life was defined by the defiance he showed in North Vietnamese prison camps, where besides Mr. McCain, the future senator and Republican presidential candidate, whose Navy fighter jet had been downed, his cellmates included James B. Stockdale, also a Navy pilot, who became Ross Perot's running mate in his 1992 presidential campaign. When he volunteered for duty in Vietnam and was assigned to a fighter wing in April 1967, Colonel Day, then a major, had flown more than 4,500 hours in fighters. On Aug. 26, 1967, he was on a mission to knock out a surface-to-air missile site 20 miles inside North Vietnam when his F-100 was hit by antiaircraft fire. He suffered eye and back injuries...(Read Full Post)