Carbon Credit Farming

If you were so silly as to want a sustainable long-term method to keep locking away the sparse carbon resources of the atmosphere using "carbon farming", the ONLY way to do it is to harvest regular crops of trees, pastures, cereals and grazing animals. Then use these carbon-rich products to build homes and feed families, thus creating long-term storage of the carbon in buildings as timber, or in human bodies as flesh and bone.

Finally, when these carbon carriers reach the end of their life, bury the old timber and the dead bodies in deep holes so that the carbon never gets back into the biosphere. Such burial should attract carbon credit payments.

Such a scheme will methodically remove carbon dioxide, the gas of life, from the carbon cycle - a sure way to starve life on Earth.

It is the road to biocide, but that seems to be what the Deep Greens want.

Let's hope they starve first.