Blacks March to Oppose Amnesty

To save jobs in the Black community, Black Americans will march against amnesty for illegal aliens on July 15 in Washington, D.C. Buses are traveling from all over the U.S., as far away as from Florida in the South and from California in the West. Amnesty opponents of all races and colors will be participating.

Yet are Democrats now starting to lose the Black vote? In open rebellion against the Democrat Party's agenda, the Black American Leadership Alliance will lead a rally and march on the U.S. Capitol at 9:30 AM on Monday, July 15, marching to demonstrate at the U.S. Congress.

Many Blacks and legal Hispanics will lose their jobs if the "Gang of Eight" immigration reform bill passes the U.S. House of Representatives. Black leaders know this. Yet Republicans and Democrats in Congress simply don't care. Unemployment is chronic among Black youths. However, officials in Washington just don't care about unemployed Blacks or the legal Hispanic immigrants who will lose their jobs.

Headline speakers announced so far include former Congressman Allen West, Herman Cain, Senator Ted Cruz, recent Black convert to the GOP Louisiana Sen. Elbert Guillory, Senator Jeff Sessions, Congressman Steve King, Congressman Mo Brooks, and many prominent Black leaders and Black pastors.

The DC March for Jobs organizers at B.A.L.A. explains:

Despite sluggish economic conditions, some in Congress have put forth immigration proposals to increase legal immigration levels by 50% and provide amnesty to over 11 million people who have entered the country illegally. We stand against these proposals, as they will result in adding millions more to the U.S. labor force, putting millions of American citizens out of work.

An estimated 11 million illegal aliens will get amnesty and immediate "RPI" status with the right to work. They will "come out of the shadows."

Coming out of the shadows means they will have the right to work in any job. They can now apply for your job. They can compete for your son or daughter's job. With the right to work legally in the U.S., and work permit documents, they can now take any job -- maybe yours.

Illegal aliens will be exempt from ObamaCare when they receive amnesty and the right to work. Therefore, it will be vastly cheaper for businesses to hire amnesty recipients than to hire American citizens such as Black youth or legal Hispanic-Americans. Employers can fire you, your family, your grandchildren, or your nieces and nephews and hire an amnesty recipient instead, and save a lot of money.

Remember: Blacks in America are suffering 14.1 percent unemployment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in August 2012. An all-time record 88.8 million Americans over 16 have given up looking for a job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department of Labor. Discouraged workers who no longer have any hope of finding a job have increased by 8.3 million during Obama's first term.

By contrast, the unemployment rate in Mexico was only 4.7 percent in September 2012, the prestigious Financial Times reported on October 19, 2012. Mexico's unemployment was only 4.47 percent in December. From 1994 to 2012, Mexico's unemployment rate averaged 3.68 percent, from a record low of 2.22 percent in November 2002 to a 5.93 percent peak in May 2009, Trading Economics reported . Yet Washington wants to ignore U.S. citizens who are unemployed and give their former jobs to countries with 4.7 percent unemployment rates.

Heartless Democrats and Republicans who are insensitive and tone-deaf to the working poor want to import an estimated 30 to 40 million new workers to flood the U.S. economy's work force. These newly-imported workers will compete especially with undereducated Whites, Black youth, and legal Hispanic immigrants already in the country.

These imported workers will drive down your salary and mine, by flooding the country with an even greater surplus of labor. And that's the obvious purpose of the campaign for amnesty: To pay you less money for doing your job. We all know that. Amnesty is all about cutting your salary so employers won't have to pay you as much. But even more amnesty will cut the wages of low-skilled youth like your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, etc.

Conservatives with only a caricature understanding of economics claim that amnesty will grow the economy. Nonsense.

What they mean is that if the number of workers in the country increases -- but everyone is poorer individually -- the economy is technically larger. The number of people is larger. But everyone individually will be worse off. They are arguing for a larger -- but much worse -- economy. A larger economy (i.e., more people) does not mean a better economy for anyone.

Furthermore, the U.S.A. already has a surplus of low-skill workers. Expanding an existing surplus into an even bigger surplus will not grow the economy. If something is lacking, supplying what is missing could unleash a stalled economy. But adding more of what we have too much of won't help.

Because of chain migration (family unification rules), the estimated 11 million amnesty-recipients will be able to bring in to join them also their fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and perhaps even cousins, nephews, nieces, grandparents. So an estimated 33 million to 40 million new workers will flood the U.S. labor force.

And, of course, the border will still not be secure, so tens of millions of additional trespassers will crash the gates... some looking to steal a job from an American, some smuggling in drugs, perhaps a few smuggling in a nuclear weapon from North Korea across the desert. But the flood of invaders will continue.

Do you like being lied to? Most people don't. If you're one of them, beware: When the "Gang of Eight" promises that illegal aliens won't get a "Green Card" until the border is secure, they are lying.

The old "Green Card" is now irrelevant. A new "Blue Card" replaces the famous "Green Card." In order to lie to you, Members of Congress talk about the old Green Card that no longer matters under the "Gang of Eight" bill.

Illegal aliens will immediately receive the new "RPI" status (Registered Provisional Immigrant). RPI status offers the right to live and work in the U.S.A. -- immediately, without any progress to secure the border. The new RPI Blue Card does everything a Green Card does except it isn't green. Well, okay, my friend Richard made up the "Blue Card" name for RPI status, but I bet the name sticks. It is blue to represent the States that vote for the Democrat Party.

The DC March for Jobs begins at Freedom Plaza near the corner of 14th Street NW and E Street NW in Washington, D.C. This is two blocks from the Metro (subway) station "Metro Center" where many subway lines come together.

Two days later, July 17, this author will address the monthly Freedom Leadership Conference providing a detailed analysis of the economic issues of amnesty. Cartoonish misinterpretations of conservative theories are driving even well-meaning conservatives to absurd misconceptions about the damaged that amnesty will do to the U.S. economy.

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