Are Islam and Islamists taking over Britain?

June 29 was Armed Forces Day in Britain.

Lee Rigby was a British soldier who was attacked, murdered, butchered and beheaded in broad daylight on a busy street near his barracks in London last month. He was attacked, murdered, butchered and beheaded by Islamists acting in the name of Islam.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are great heroes of our time. Both are tireless, passionate defenders of human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general and fierce critics of Islam and Islamists because Islam and Islamists destroy human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general wherever they are found and do it in cruel, hideous ways. Spencer and Geller do not advocate violence and never have and do not speak out against Muslims as such. They speak out against Islam and Islamists and spend their time exposing both in the hope of preserving human rights and freedom and turning back the Islamic tide.

Islamists hate them both and demonize them both because they cannot stand exposure, cannot stand the light that Spencer and Geller shine on them.

Spencer and Geller were scheduled to lay a wreath for Rigby at a memorial service on Armed Forces Day but were banned from entering Britain by the British government because their presence was deemed "not conducive to the public good." Neither was going to speak at the service...all they were going to do was lay a wreath. They were banned because Islamists threatened violence and civil unrest if they were allowed in and the government capitulated to their demand to refuse them admission as a result.

This from a government and a country that is infested and overrun with Islamists that are destroying the fabric of the nation and rapidly turning Britain into an Islamic land governed by Sharia, Islamic law.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Islam is a large and growing presence in Britain, that British values, institutions, freedom, democracy and the British way of life are under attack and seriously threatened by Islam and Islamists, that Shariah has already usurped British law in many places, that the British people have paid and are paying an enormous price for allowing this Islamic presence in their midst, that violence and the threat of violence will become more and more prevalent, that Islamists will make more and more demands that are contrary to the nature of the country and that they will prevail in the end and destroy Britain as a free, democratic, Western country unless the situation is reversed. Keeping Spencer and Geller out doesn't help matters at all. It makes them worse, much worse because it encourages Islamists and tells them that violence or the threat of violence will get them their way.

Keeping Spencer and Geller out was more than an affront to Lee Rigby, the British Armed Forces, British freedom, democracy, history and everything the country is supposed to stand was a major victory for Islamists who are working very hard to turn Britain into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law and succeeding in large measure.

The British government should be absolutely ashamed of itself and the British people should be very angry, afraid, upset and worried., as should all of us in the West.

Think I'm exaggerating? Think free speech, free speech, freedom, democracy and human rights are alive and well in Britain? Think again. Try writing something like this or saying something like this in Britain and see what happens.

Islam and Islamists are taking over Britain alright. They've already taken over much of it and are well on the way to taking over the rest.

Pity that.

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