What it will take for the GOP to win over young people

Another post mortem on the election? Yes, but this one comes from the College Republican National Committee and it is absolutely brutal on the party. Politico: The 95-page study, which looked at the party's views on social and economic issues, as well as its messaging and outreach, echoes a March report on the election debacle issued by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, which presented a devastating assessment of the party's current state of affairs. But in some ways the new report from inside the GOP tent is even more scathing and ominous -- since it comes from the party's next generation. Titled the "Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation," the report is sharply critical of the GOP on several fronts. The study slams some Republicans' almost singular focus on downsizing Big Government and cutting taxes; candidates' use of offensive, polarizing rhetoric; and the party's belly-flop efforts at messaging and outreach, even as the report presents a way...(Read Full Post)