Three Obamabots show up for gun control 'rally' in CA

Obama's Organizing for Action (formerly known as "Organizing for America") decided to help their hero by holding a gun control rally in San Bernandino, CA. Exactly three people showed up. But do you think that deterred these Obamabots? Not in the slightest. The Sun: Exactly six months after 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., a small group from Organizing for Action stood here Friday with 26 flags and signs calling for stricter gun control. "On Flag Day growing up, I used to always wave a flag with my grandson, and it hit me that the victims of that horrible tragedy won't ever be able to do that," said Curtis Lewis, the group's gun violence prevention coordinator. "We need people to stand up and write to Congress to say they want laws that respect the Second Amendment but also help prevent these tragedies." Lewis said he supported HR 1565, a bill that would require background checks for sales at gun shows and...(Read Full Post)