'They are afraid of being killed by Muslims.'

Living in Arkansas, the same state where the Murfreesboro Crater of Diamonds is located, I've heard stories of people who have unearthed massive gemstones that, upon first sight by untrained eyes, were dismissed as mere rocks.

In that vein, there were some fascinating "gems" to be extracted from the June 3 blog post by Kevin DuJan, former Hillary Clinton backer and now conservative gay columnist, who is not afraid to use his eloquence to attack any sacred cows -- particularly those of the modern American left and in the GLBT community.

Marking "Gay pride month 2013" by taking questions from his readers asking about GLBT issues, Mr. DuJan fielded a question about Islam (and Marxism) and gay people with a 12-paragraph response that seems to have some extraordinary, or at least extraordinarily risky (for him), candor:

Christians are depicted as the greatest villains of all time to gays, with the Gaystapo high command of "community leaders" declaring that Christian institutions must be destroyed as much as possible.  Some lesbian went on tee-vee over the weekend saying that she wants "gay marriage" to pass because it both weakens the Church and traditional families...and I think there are a lot of subversives who do things like complain about Christmas trees or nativity displays in the War Against Christian Holidays in order to further undermine and weaken the Church.  Gays love having an enemy, and the gay community leaders know that unless gays are focused on an enemy they will just go off into a million different directions (because dealing with gays is like herding cats if you don't have a colorful and epic enemy to focus on).

Nowhere near content to end his post with an affirmation that, indeed, "gay marriage" is an issue that is being used to "break" American evangelical Christianity (which, regardless of the definition, Mr. DuJan both identifies with and compliments), he drew a sharp distinction between Christianity and Islam:

Gays bash Christians because they know they can get away with it...and they steer clear of ever criticizing Islam for anything because they are too scared that a Muslim will bomb, behead, brutalize, or do other horrible things to them...as "The Religion of Peace" consistently does all around the world.

As a member of the community, I can tell you that gay people are very stupid when it comes to Islam.  They listen to the tee-vee and they just accept without question the rationalization that Islam is "just a religion like any other"...and they accept the Koran as a peer to the Bible or the Torah (which it most certainly is not).  Very few gays understand that the Koran is setup so that any of the "peaceful poetry" that the Left likes to cite when promoting Islam is superseded by the violent exhortations to war and conquest that come later in the Koran.  The Bible and the Torah do not work this way...and also do not advocate violent conquest of the world through any means necessary, the way the Koran does.

Clearly, DuJan is not afraid of painting a pink bull's-eye on his backside to draw a slew of high-velocity rainbow-colored arrows.  He says quite a bit more in this column, but what's striking is the dearth today of people, emphasized by the contrast DuJan presents, who are unafraid to speak truth while living in an environment (Chicago, in Mr. DuJan's case!) in which they are the richest of targets.

Kurt Wayne is married and has two grown children.  A web developer, he lives in Bella Vista, AR and works with Brazilian web-based ministries.

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