The Obama Presidential Library will have a Bush-Cheney wing

We heard about that angry NYTimes editorial.....the same one that was amended later.  It reminded me of the husband who called his wife from the car and said:  "Honey I did not mean that.  Sorry to call you that name."

We saw Maureen Dowd's column on Sunday.  She spent paragraph after paragraph attacking Bush and Cheney.  Then she finally had to come clean and accept that it was Obama who turned into "Peepin' Barry": 

 "Back in 2007, Obama said he would not want to run an administration that was "Bush-Cheney lite." He doesn't have to worry. With prisoners denied due process at Gitmo starving themselves, with the C.I.A. not always aware who it's killing with drones, with an overzealous approach to leaks, and with the government's secret domestic spy business swelling, there's nothing lite about it. " (NYTimes)

Sorry Maureen!  It must be tough to learn that the prince wont be knocking on your door to see if the shoe fits!

And don't forget to read that imaginary "Dear George" letter:

"Well, George, that is probably all you have time for, and I hope you accept my apology. You can take heart that, even though I am a Democrat, I decided to keep going nearly all your vision and plans on national security and even take it to all-new levels." 

What's next?  My guess is that the Obama Library in Chicago will soon start working on the Bush-Cheney wing.

Visitors will enter a room called GITMO and wait indefinitely for the tour guide. 

They will see a big drone in the middle of the floor called "W". 

And best of all, they will eat in a restaurant named Cheney and enjoy Wyoming catfish.