The left's hysterical, over the top, exaggerated reaction to the SCOTUS voting rights decision

Reading the hyperbolic reactions from the usual suspects on the left to the Supreme Court decision on the voting rights act yesterday, you would think Jim Crow is making a comeback. Are lunch counters to be resegregated? Is the poll tax going to be reimposed? Are blacks to be forced to walk on the other side of the street than whites? Is it the "end of civil rights" in America? Here's a sampling of headlines: "An Assault on the Voting Rights Act" - New York Times editorial "On Voting Rights, A Decision As Lamentable as Plessy or Dred Scott" - Atlantic Online "Rep. John Lewis: Supreme Court put a 'dagger' in Voting Rights Act" - CNN "Goodbye to the Crown Jewel of the Civil Rights Movement" - Slate "Al Sharpton: The Supreme Court 'Just Cancelled The Dream' Of MLK Jr. In Voting Rights Decision" - Mediaite Here's the bottom line; the federal government can still put its foot on the neck of entire states or localities if the new formula to determine discrimination in election...(Read Full Post)