Ten thousand re-enactors take part in 150th anniversary of Gettysburg

Starting this weekend, the Gettysburg National Military Park will host dozens of events to commemorate the famous battle that took place July 1-3 in that small Pennsylvania town. One of the highlights will be a re-enactment of the battle featuring about 10,000 men. This will be one of the largest civil war re-enactments ever undertaken as participants will seek to recreate Pickett's charge. CNN: This weekend and through July 7, between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors -- more than the number of combatants -- will flock to the town and fields of Gettysburg National Military Park to mark the 150th anniversary of the three-day clash, which cost an incredible 51,000 casualties. Pickett's Charge will be the climactic event of a large re-enactment this weekend outside of park boundaries. On July 3, the actual anniversary of the attack, National Park Service rangers will guide thousands of visitors in loose formation across a gently rolling field. Others will stand where Federal ...(Read Full Post)